Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Appendectomy Surgery

I had appendectomy – removal of the appendix on Sunday October 9, 2005.

It all started when I had abdominal pain on Saturday October 8, 2005. My mother decided to take me to a Clinic called Tara Private Clinic which is located north of Wat Phnom. Once I got there I had an Echo Diagnostic done and results came that I had abdominal problems. The Doctor had prescribed me to some medication and said it was ok for me to go home. As soon as I got home I had taken the medicine but seem to see no progress. I had extreme sharp pains. On Sunday October 9, 2005 I was taken to the same clinic again by my brother. The doctor did more tests and found that I needed an appendectomy surgery.

I went in the operating room at 8am. The surgery turned out to be successful but I am still in pain. This type of surgery is common but painful. It usually takes about several days to recover. I haven’t fully recovered yet but soon to be able to do my daily tasks.

are you get better for now? and you start working right now?
Hello Friend,

Right now I am ok and I can work as normal. Thank you very much. You are good and caring. How are you doing?

Best Wishes,
Thanks for time to feedback with me command... you work as media or community? thanks
Hello, Thanks for question. I am working for new media, a Web Portal.

Information about this Web Portal:
In English:
In Khmer:
sour sd'ey Sydney! your web-site is beautiful.Did it cost you to have that Appendectomy removed? IN Canada the hospital will do it for free. The government pay for you. Your English is excellent, I like that. You have a good skill, would you like to immigrate to another country? I know the town where your brother live. In Canada it is very cold in winter, which will come soon around Dec to march.

Have a good healthe,

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